Digital Advertising

Whether mobile or desktop, we will find the right way to reach your target group accurately.
In addition to an enormous reach, we also have high-quality environments for your marketing campaign. State-of-the-art targeting tools guarantee a targeted approach without wastage.
We are there for you. Whether you want to increase awareness of your brand, boost sales of a product or increase the number of your subscribers.

Our targeting in detail

Entertainment is our strength. Every day, hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts visit our partners' websites, and the resulting first-party data allows us to offer a wide range of targeting options. Whether broadly by gaming platform (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC), more specifically by genre (strategy, role-playing games, action) or even by preference for certain settings (science fiction, superheroes, fantasy, crime), the options for game and film customers in particular are diverse. Of course, fans and active users of a game can also be segmented very precisely.
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4.1 Mio / Monat
3.8 Mio / Monat
3.0 Mio / Monat
2.2 Mio / Monat

Kids (6-14 Jahre)

2.3 Mio / Monat
2.7 Mio / Monat


Movie Lovers
10.4 Mio / Monat
8.8 Mio / Monat

Examples for advertising media

Battlefield 2042
Ubistore Black Friday
Wonder Woman 1984
LEGO Friends Outdoor
Diablo 2 Resurrected - Quiz

Various options for the mobile interscroller